I am Linda Kushinga Sibanyoni and I shall be running as your Member of Parliament for HARARE EAST in the 2018 general elections.

Professional background

An auditor by profession with 10 years’ experience who served articles at Grant Thornton Zimbabwe.

Business background

I am a serial entrepreneur with interests in the clothing and retail industry as we all as the agro-processing industry mainly specializing in FMCG.

Political background

In July 2016, I began my political journey in order to be part of ushering change in Zimbabwe and adding the much needed almost silenced voice of a strong, intelligent female youth and joined the African Democratic Party headed by Marcellina Chikasha.

In November 2016 I was appointed Head of Policy. As head of policy I was responsible for the general oversight and development of the organisation’s policy in line with the ADP National Committee resolutions and congress resolutions. My position as Head of Policy included sitting on the ADP National Working Committee. In November 2016, I was invited together with ADP President amongst other various opposition party leaders to Capetown for a four day retreat by In Transformation Initiative, to discuss the monumental crisis in Zimbabwe and forming a broad coalition to coordinate a serious response to the crisis in Zimbabwe. I also served in various positions which include Youth Treasurer and Youth Vice President.

In 2017, I was appointed, Chief of Staff (Secretary General), that appointment resulted in a historic appointment seeing me being the youngest chief of staff in Zimbabwe and in developing nations of the world. My core duties mainly included being the chief administrator of the party, communicating with all national structures, managing the flow of information, advising the President, preparing reports for the National Executive Council.

I sat in both the Coalition of Democrats (CODE) Secretary Generals weekly meetings and as well as ZiNera (which was an attempt by Zimbabwean opposition parties to form a coalition which failed to fully transform into one) weekly meetings. These platforms resulted in me having relative engagement and audience with the more established and well known and seasoned opposition political players in Zimbabwe.

In October 2017, I resigned from the African Democratic Party.

 Current political goals 

I am running as an independent candidate for Member of Parliament – Harare East Constituency.