My name is Linda K Sibanyoni, I will be running as your Member of Parliament for HARARE EAST in the 2018 general elections. My calling to run for public office, and represent citizens in the National Assembly came in July 2016. Instead of speaking out in the background and the terraces, in order to effectively represent people being a Member of Parliament will help bring progressive values to National level. As a former member and former Chief of Staff of the African Democratic Party I come with the often underrepresented
voice of a strong, opinionated, female youth in politics. The journey to becoming the youngest Chief of Staff at 30 years in Zimbabwe and developing world came after rising several ranks within the party structures. This included being Head of Policy, Youth Vice President as well as Youth Treasurer.
While I do not profess to have all the answers to our current state of affairs, I am not an infinite source of solutions to all issues in our beloved HARARE EAST constituency.

However what I know is that I am Zimbabwean and simply a lover of Zimbabwe. I know nothing else but to love Zimbabwe so much that I have decided to put my best foot forward and run for Member of Parliament HARARE EAST Constituency.

I will make mistakes on this political journey. I will surely stumble and fumble, because I am human, but what I simply ask from you my fellow youth is to treat me like your sister, with patience to watch me grow and offer me peer to peer guidance, what I ask from you my mothers in the constituency is to embrace me with kindness as your daughter that you will impart wisdom on and from you my fathers in the constituency what I ask for is protection from all the ills and harm that I as your daughter might face in the constituency. When you feel I am letting us in the constituency down I will expect you to demand accountability from me. I will have an open door policy without the redundant protocol to be observed, being a responsive and accessible MP will only allow me to blossom into the Member of Parliament you will all be proud of.

My three campaign values are to serve, develop and tolerate. As a constituency we are a community. This political journey is not my own, together as a community we will improve our constituency, in unity we will achieve great things. HARARE EAST needs a pragmatic and effective Member of Parliament who will be active nationally while remaining engaged in the constituency. As an MP I will be committed to improving the lives of the HARARE EAST constituents by empowering them. Simply going back to the basics of politics which is making sure I serve best those with the power to elect me into office. Therefore everything I shall do in parliament will be directly or indirectly linked to empowering the people of HARARE EAST in the statements I make, policies I lobby for or against as well as the projects that shall be carried out in our HARARE EAST constituency. The best still lies ahead for our constituency as long as we have the courage to tackle the challenges now. One cannot rise to new challenges by resting on the laurels of past achievements. I am committed to fighting hard for progress on behalf of HARARE EAST constituents who can enjoy that progress as well as on behalf of those who cannot yet share in that progress, future generations. Let us work together to develop HARARE EAST into a functional constituency, bring about opportunities to the constituency through working with the councillors, private businesses, civic organizations and other key players that can assist us in developing our constituency.

The ballot is the solution I therefore encourage you to REGISTER TO VOTE and to vote for whoever’s agenda best serves your needs and future as an individual in the constituency. Exercise your constitutional right and VOTE. I also encourage you to tolerate those who do not share the same political views with you, say NO to violence extend peace and love to all. Fighting and physical harm to each other brings no unity to HARARE EAST.

Your vote is your right and you must use it.


To peacefully and democratically encourage and nurture the spirit of self-reliance among the constituents of HARARE EAST through advocating for policies that bring development to the constituency.


2018 – 2023 the HARARE EAST vision is to advocate for equitable distribution of resources, economically, socially and politically with the aim of empowering constituents at a grassroots level.


To achieve the above mentioned mission and vision, we have a simple 10 point plan and objectives for HARARE EAST TIRIKUCHIMHANYA

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hub and Creative Hub.

Encouraging youth to embrace technology and using local government infrastructure an ICT hub shall be setup to connect the disadvantaged in our constituency to the Internet. Internet connection will provide opportunities for technology, media, education, skills access on the World Wide Web. Through partnerships with the private sector capped free data through WiFi Hotspots shall be provided in all municipal buildings thus allowing all residents free limited access to the internet. ICT not only connects people with education and employment opportunities, it also affords everyone the freedom to access information. A creative and cultural hub shall also be setup in the community. Our arts industry is pivotal to the development of our community as our constituency has a large concentration of talented creatives in the music and performing arts. The establishment of a local creative and cultural hub will enable the community to support various artists and their activities to generate sustainable livelioods. Through the cultural hub it will assist the young constituents to understand and help strengthen our traditional values such as fellowship with the extended family, respect for elders and care of the disadvantaged in our constituency. The cultural hub will support activities that can make us retain the best aspects of our cultural values in the constituency.

Commitment to working with council

Regardless of political affiliation of the Ward 8, 9 and 46 councillors I am committed to working together with them to develop HARARE EAST. Council has a key role to play in helping to generate economic growth, strengthen communities and protect vulnerable people in our constituency. It is vital for me as your MP to recognize the need to empower council to deliver quality service for HARARE EAST residents. 

Encouraging investment and creating employment opportunities. 

I intend to focus on creating a conducive business environment in our constituency for private sector investment thus creating job opportunities proportional to job seekers in the constituency. Through collaborations with the private sector and civil society we can make our HARARE EAST an engine of development. The ability to work is key to personal dignity. 

Providing support to micro and small enterprises to maximise the opportunities in the constituency, this includes initiatives such as promoting constituency based businesses and entrepreneurs will drive economic growth and create employment. 

Conservation and environmental initiatives 

Preservation and protection of the wetland rich in flora and fauna and wildlife at Cleveland Dam is very crucial to our constituency. I am committed to working with conservationist and environmentally conscious groups in ensuring that Cleveland Dam in our constituency is protected and maintained. Together we can come up with initiatives that bring awareness to the importance of wetlands and wildlife in our constituency.

Road and Infrastructure development

A symbiotic relationship can be created when road and infrastructure development and poverty alleviation are considered in unison. A key agenda of mine when elected will be working together with the local councillors to attract investments in road and infrastructure development for the constituency. Not only is road and infrastructure development beneficial for business but also in creating a common good for the constituents. Indirectly investments. in road and infrastructure spurs economic growth and more directly, the construction and inherent maintenance of road and infrastructure generates employment opportunities. Within the next five years of my term I will diligently work on turning HARARE EAST into a “green constituency”. Through building synergies with local private solar energy infrastructure developers this is a very achievable goal that will see;

  • Public buildings and spaces including our street lighting in the constituency move towards the installation of energy efficient lighting such as LEDs and solar power, this will also ensure a significant decrease in the local government electricity bill,
  • Provision of low-cost installation of solar water geysers/heaters in the homes of constituents,
  • Investment in better environmentally friendly waste management systems including recycling with the assistance of local waste management companies.
  • Working together with Local Authorities and constituents with the technical expertise to come up with effective solutions in alleviating and addressing the major lack of availability of running water in the constituency.
  • The constituency is growing. We have new residential areas that need to be supported by basic infrastructure. That includes not only a road network but schools from primary school, high school including vocational and technical colleges and as well council and government clinics. These are some of the tasks at hand that will receive full commitment and attention from me.


The future success of our beloved constituency, is based on our ability to continue investing in education. The performance of our Ordinary and Advanced Level constituents must improve tremendously. My plan is to assist those that have failed to pass or write national examinations through supplementing. I will work with school leavers and teachers who can willing offer their time to assist the young constituents supplement and prepare them for universities or technical colleges. I will consult with representatives of education in HARARE EAST from teachers, educational officers, students and any other interested parties to find out other ways of improving the education in our constituency.

Access to a responsive Member of Parliament

A good Member of Parliament is one that is responsive to the needs and concerns of the people they serve. I assure you, when you speak, I will listen. I will work with the councillors and you the constituent to find solutions to the challenges we face and create opportunities for growth in HARARE EAST. I am committed to transparent and accountable governance. I will ensure as far as possible that meetings are regular and open to the public. This will allow for transparency and will allow you the resident can engage with me as your Member of Parliament and local councillors often.

Mentorship of the youth entrepreneurs

Having experience in business and entrepreneurship myself I believe the future belongs to the young. One possible way to address youth unemployment is to support young people in creating their own businesses. They have interest and potential to become self-employed. Through introduction of the youth entrepreneurship mentorship program I am determined to develop a mentorship program that will train and coach youth entrepreneurs with viable projects that can be monetized for the benefit of the entrepreneur and the community at large.

Ensuring safety and wellbeing of the community

Harare Easterners need to feel safe in their homes. Achieving this requires a multifaceted approach that involves our national police. Some of the initiatives to be adopted include;

  • Increasing the presence of neighbourhood watch patrols in crime hotspots to deter criminals and criminal activity,
  • Creating partnership with local businesses and other stakeholders to provide resources for neighbourhood watches and other community policing strategies,
  • Making our roads safer and upgrading and maintaining our environments so that they enhance safety of all residents.
  • Maximizing the use of technology such as CCTV cameras to improve crime detection and response times, specifically in crime hot-spots.

Disability access to all public buildings

People living with disabilities deserve a chance to be participating in society on the same terms as other constituents. General inaccessibility means that people with disabilities do not have the same opportunities as other constituents to participate in community life. Together with the councillors I will work on overcoming this problem in various ways. We will first tackle the issue of ensuring that all public buildings in the constituency have disability access. This will involve having doorsteps removed, support rails mounted, doorways widened, automatic door openers fitted, disabled parking spaces, public toilets with disability usability and in some cases special elevators installed. Civil society, in particular persons with disabilities and their representative organisations shall be involved and participate fully in this process as well.


At a national level, my priorities as an MP will be as follows:

  • Advocating for progressive sound economic policies and strategy that can improve and develop infrastructure, fight poverty and unemployment.
  • Championing the women and youth agenda and ensuring that in the next 2023 elections more young women and youth become active in politics.

Engaging in activities that will educate citizens of Zimbabwe that democracy entails more than just the possibility to vote in elections and be represented. Democracy also includes demanding accountability and good governance from elected officials. This is my binding offer to you, my fellow HARARE EAST constituents, when elected, I will listen to your vital voices, think about your grievances, reflect on your requests, try and understand the issues that affect us all in the constituency. Most importantly with all my vigour will act on all challenges until they are solved. Just as the sun rises in the east, let us arise and make HARARE EAST constituency a beacon of light, excellence and development.

Thank You , Tatenda, Siyabonga!